Sunday, February 1, 2009

at church this morning

My church was quite packed this morning as members have returned from the Chinese New Year holidays.

After the service we had fellowship and refreshments.
2009.02.01 009 blog

Rev. Law Hui Seng delivering the thanksgiving prayer.

2009.02.01 030 blog

Wah ... the goodies!

2009.02.01 044 blog

My cell group members Joyce, Jennifer and Eng serving the drinks. I'm very proud of them as they always serve with a servant's heart! xD.

2009.02.01 055 blog

Church members Michelle and Lucy with her daughter.

2009.02.01 068 blog

My cell group member Richard and his family.

2009.02.01 065 blog

My wife Roseline (in red) with her younger sister and her two sons also joined us this morning. They flew in from Sibu last night and were on transit to Sabah.

2009.02.01 075 blog


  1. James

    give you one software to do your pic

  2. Wooo.. nice and cool software!!!

  3. Lovely photos of a great cell group!! I seem to have missed two great makan gatherings. My loss!
    I was tied down by something else. My apologies again and again.
    So many goodies!!

  4. Thanks for visiting me, you have a really nice blog with great photos :)

  5. Thanks wiffy, for dropping by! I like your blog - I think you are fantastic! Keep up your great sharings! xD

  6. Happy 10th Day of CNY :)

    Bloghop from Victor's :)

  7. Thanks Rose, for dropping by. I'm going to visit your blog later! xD

  8. Nice, I like your new blog James, and great pictures you have there! And wah, so many goodies! And what warm fellowship... i think it's also fei-lo-ship, hehe!

  9. Thanks BP for dropping by! It's my new Nikon SLR D60 ... I'm still learning how to use it, xD.