Tuesday, March 3, 2009

migrating to wordpress!

Just after one month into this new address blogspot and migrating again? What's happening?

Find out the whys at my new home! xD

Sunday, March 1, 2009

this blog is one month young today!

Wow...time really flies. It's now four weeks since I migrated from my old blog to this one. I want to thank all of you who have been visiting this blog - I'm really appreciative of you finding the time to drop by and also to give comments.

Here is the raw data, obtained from Sitemeter.

Total posts - 12
Total visits - 1144
Total comments - 108
Most visits in a day - 60
Average per day - 43
Average length per visit - 2:25 mins
Total pages viewed - 1839
Most pages viewed in a day - 141

For your viewing pleasure I'm posting a photo taken (with my sold DSLR Nikon D60) during my family's trip to Sibu during the recent Chinese New Year. We were having breakfast at Aloha Cafe when a group of Lion dance troopers arrived, much to the delight of the kids present.

A 038a

My family and I love Sibu - the people and the food are always awesome! Oh yes, my friend called from Sibu just now - she's also keen on the Canon EOS 50D after reading my yesterday's post "Roland Lim - the 'king' of Canon"! She quipped, "All this while I've always wanted to own a Canon." xD

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roland Lim, the "king" of Canon

Thanks to my church member William who MSNed me this morning some info on the Canon EOS 50D, I got to discover a really formidable blog by a medical doctor in Hong Kong who has a great passion for photography. I also want to proclaim him to be the "king of Canon photography-related matters"!

At The World According To Roland you can find answers from questions like "what Canon camera to buy or the new BG-E2N grip vs the old BG-E2 grip ". I was bewildered by the number of visitors the blog has; more than 630,000 hits since June 19, 2007! Surely this is testament how popular Roland is! The most accessed post was of course my favourite - Canon EOS 50D Review! xD

Here is a screenshot of Roland's blog. If you are a Canon lover, this is the right place to visit!

Roland's style of writing and explanation make photography complexities easy to understand, especially for newbies like me. He also has an excellent collection of photos taken over the years. I particularly enjoyed viewing his Kelly Chen's concert photos taken last year.

One of the sections I enjoyed reading was the questions he received and the replies given to all sorts of "A-Z " questions. I think the engineers at Canon EOS Digital would be proud of him! I also observed he has a humble demeanor and was patient with repeated questions/issues. Surely this is not the typical Hongkonger we know? Haha!

Thank you Roland for sharing your passion with us! And after browsing his blog for quite some time, I still couldn't find a pic of how he looks like! Isn't that interesting? xD

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my 1st dslr has found a new home

Letting go of my 1st DSLR today wasn't easy. I wish it was. I only had it before last Christmas - and already so many good memories with two months of shooting. It served me well. It opened my eyes to the wonderful world of photography!

Yesterday morning I took some photos with of it. For the last time, for keepsake.

So how does one take pics of a camera when there is only 1 camera? Yes, you are right - use a mirror. I sat in my car and used the side mirror to take this photo.

2009.02.25 part2 001aa

I'm thankful it's now in the good hands of a cool lady professional engineer. She has promised to take good care of it.

For now I'll just P-and-S with my old Olympus Fe-280 cam until my upgrade arrives. xD

Sunday, February 22, 2009

jan shim and my casual portrait shoot

Following last Saturday's Miri Photo Borneo gathering, I was greatly encouraged by the sharings and tips given by fellow members. I subsequently followed up with newfound "photo kaki" buddies Alex Ling and Huasing - both were friendly and forthcoming with their tips and thoughts - I'm really appreciative to these two young men!

During mid-week I stumbled upon a fantastic blog from neighbouring Seria; Shimworld. What struck me initially was the heavy traffic the blog has; more than 400,000 hits since Nov 2006! Wow, this is not easy - if you are a blogger you know what I mean. For an IT professional who took up photography seriously just five years ago, Jan Shim deserves worthy praises! His postings are well-written (who says good photographers are bad writers?, haha!) and the photos so amazing! Through my network in Brunei, I managed to get hold of Jan's number and of course, I unshamelessly called to commend him, haha! I was equally delighted to find out that Jan is warm and humble, typical of the courteous Bruneian we know. You will be encouraged with Jan's story in his posting of "The Accidental Artist."

Yesterday morning I was consumed with good vibes and decided put in a conscientious effort to practising my shoot. Portraits are my favourites and yes, it's so hard to capture special moments!

Here are the fruits of my labour - I hope you like the photography and your comments are most welcome! xD