Saturday, January 31, 2009

visiting my cell group member

Last night Roseline and I took the opportunity to visit Peter and Jennifer. Except for the eldest son who was out for Chinese New Year visiting, every member of the Yong's family was present.

Here's a photo for the album!

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The Yong sisters with the traditional Xin Nian Kuai Le greeting.

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Peter specially prepared this auspicious "longevity" noodles (with mushrooms and Chinese leeks) for us - we were so touched! Leeks (from the onion family) have a strong flavour and fragance - so it's either you love or hate it! It is customary for families to cook leeks during this festive period because this veggie is pronounced as "suan" which sounds like "calculate". So the more leeks one consumes, it is believed the more one can "calculate", haha!

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This cake caught my attention because it was baked without the key ingredients of butter and eggs! It was done by Jennifer's sister whose kids are allergic to butter and eggs. Nevertheless it was a good experience to taste something different!

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  1. Hi Uncle James,
    your photography's so cool. :) keep it going!


  2. Thanks Jocelyn - and thanks for dropping by!God bless you always!