Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 gatherings in one night

Roseline's fellow Boys' Brigade officer Yong Hui invited us to a BBQ gathering at her place earlier this evening. We also met our church Pastor Rev. Law Hui Seng and family, as well as our Boys' Brigade Captain, Brother Andy Chew and family. The food was delicious as well as "unhealthy"? Rev. Law candidly commented on the BBQ, saying we had to consume "by faith"! Haha!

B 004aa

Roseline and her student exchanging "Ox-picious" greetings.

B 006a

After dinner we left hurriedly as Roseline needed to fetch her sister at the airport and we were expecting some of our church members to visit us. Pastor Connie Yong and some of the members from SMCGC also came. To share the memories of the recent trip to Sibu, I showed the photos with LCD projector.

Everyone enjoyed the goodies especially Roseline's famous almond biscuits and her steamed cakes! However, the 5 litres of red wine was unfinished.

What an evening of great fellowship, xD!

B 019a

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  1. Roseline's bakes stole the show! I like that b/w shot, got mood!