Sunday, February 22, 2009

jan shim and my casual portrait shoot

Following last Saturday's Miri Photo Borneo gathering, I was greatly encouraged by the sharings and tips given by fellow members. I subsequently followed up with newfound "photo kaki" buddies Alex Ling and Huasing - both were friendly and forthcoming with their tips and thoughts - I'm really appreciative to these two young men!

During mid-week I stumbled upon a fantastic blog from neighbouring Seria; Shimworld. What struck me initially was the heavy traffic the blog has; more than 400,000 hits since Nov 2006! Wow, this is not easy - if you are a blogger you know what I mean. For an IT professional who took up photography seriously just five years ago, Jan Shim deserves worthy praises! His postings are well-written (who says good photographers are bad writers?, haha!) and the photos so amazing! Through my network in Brunei, I managed to get hold of Jan's number and of course, I unshamelessly called to commend him, haha! I was equally delighted to find out that Jan is warm and humble, typical of the courteous Bruneian we know. You will be encouraged with Jan's story in his posting of "The Accidental Artist."

Yesterday morning I was consumed with good vibes and decided put in a conscientious effort to practising my shoot. Portraits are my favourites and yes, it's so hard to capture special moments!

Here are the fruits of my labour - I hope you like the photography and your comments are most welcome! xD




  1. Thanks for your kind comment, Borneo Falcon! Is photography a hobby of yours too? xD

  2. james, i really admire the way you shoot, ignoring the horizone, and capture from a diff perspective and dimesion(seriously i meant dimesion!) giving us a chance to 'see' differently. very nice :)

  3. Thanks Eddie! What horizon, what dimension? Haha! Still in baby steps, need to learn more from you guys! When's the next PB gathering? xD

  4. nice shot! post more of this kinda of photo! i like the 3rd piece of art

  5. Thanks James! Uncle James here is still learning about SLRs and photography - it's nice to know you appreciate portraiture shoots. I think a good photo will always make people smile, won't it? xD

  6. okay uncle James, I'm quite impress with how you've taken the angle. Now, may I guess, all photos are shot with the help of window light, am I correct?

    I like the tight close-up very much but I often find it difficult to compose a balance-looking picture. I believe you are experiencing the same.

    From your first 3 shots, their eyes isn't so attractive. But I simply love the 4th shot (right bottom) especially her glaring eyes, and her cuteness... anyway I can know her? :P

  7. You are right, Anon! The pics were taken by the window with 10am light. I don't really let "balanced-looking" pictures bother me much because I believe photography is artistry and therefore v. subjective, haha! And thanks for your feedback! Hey drop by my office for a cuppa whenever you are free, ok? Cheers! xD