Saturday, February 14, 2009

beauty in the eye of the beholder

No, no ... the title of this post has nothing to do with romance and Valentine's Day, haha!

It's the title of today's photo shoot for the Miri Photo Borneo Community (PB) members. Having joined PB only last week, I grabbed the opportunity to participate in its 5th gathering - thanks to our wonderful host and Adobe Photoshop "Guru" Eddie! We were scheduled to meet at 10:00 am and fortunately our host was "unavailable"! That gave us more time to know each other better and share about our mutual interests. Photography enthusiasts (in Miri) are a warm and friendly lot, xD.

I must thank Garry who prompted me to join PB last week - initially I had some reservations but after meeting fellow members Ng, Huasing, Cyn, Alex, Philip and Gerald, I knew I've made the right decision for sacrificing my once-a-week badminton game!

Before starting the photo shoot, we had a quick lunch at one of the coffee shops at Boulevard Commercial Centre. Here's the group photo with one of our volunteer models.

2009.02.14 004xx

I took this photo while waiting my stewed duck rice to be served, xD.

2009.02.14 022xx

Before the photo shoot started, I took another group photo with the two volunteer models joining us.

2009.02.14 053xx

Our volunteer model - thanks to her!

2009.02.14 061xx

It was a first for me to experience portraiture photography in a group and with props. To say the least, it was quite an eye-opener for a beginner like me, xD.

2009.02.14 079xx

The second part of the session was on Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to our host Eddie and Alex ( he also gave me one-to-one awesome tips on my SLR), we managed to cover some important basics.

2009.02.14 001xx

For the closing, I thanked our host and models on the behalf of the group - yes, it was a wonderful afternoon!

What a Valentine Day! xD


  1. Hi Ed, thanks for dropping by. And thanks for your selfless passion in sharing your tips! I enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly and I'm glad I missed my badminton game! xD

  2. nice to meet you uncle james! xD

  3. Same here, Cync! Looking forward to meeting you again! xD

  4. James, nice to meet you!

    From Huasing :)

  5. Hey Huasing! Glad to have met you too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! xD

  6. Wow.. I didn't know there are PB in Miri! Good to join as a hobby.

  7. Hi Lyn - I also didn't know until just last week! Thanks for dropping by - hey, how's the water supply coming along in yr college now? Kesian... x(. Hope the supply has now resumed, xD!

  8. Wow...I wanna join too.Certainly you want to upgrade to D300 or D3 even sooner!

  9. Philip, is there a PB group in Sibu now? If not, then you may want to consider to initiate it? xD

  10. wah... James, you are meeting all the experts! I am sure your skill will improve I know why you didn't bring your camera out last SUnday.

  11. What a great event! Philip, let's organize one!! haha..

  12. Bro William - aiyo can I improve without you teaching me? xD

    Victor - You should do it, Victor! Organize one PB community in Sibu! Have you signed up? xD