Thursday, February 26, 2009

my 1st dslr has found a new home

Letting go of my 1st DSLR today wasn't easy. I wish it was. I only had it before last Christmas - and already so many good memories with two months of shooting. It served me well. It opened my eyes to the wonderful world of photography!

Yesterday morning I took some photos with of it. For the last time, for keepsake.

So how does one take pics of a camera when there is only 1 camera? Yes, you are right - use a mirror. I sat in my car and used the side mirror to take this photo.

2009.02.25 part2 001aa

I'm thankful it's now in the good hands of a cool lady professional engineer. She has promised to take good care of it.

For now I'll just P-and-S with my old Olympus Fe-280 cam until my upgrade arrives. xD


  1. Bro...can tell what camera are you upgrading to? So anxious to know la.

  2. Hi Philip - I'm looking at Canon EOS 50D, xD.

  3. dont be sad... u soon be overjoyed with canon 50D. good camera~ :)

  4. Thanks Eddie! Aiyo...when we gather again? xD

  5. james, we couldnt find any angels to model for us. philip is soo anxious to go out shooting... and my camera masuk hospital~

  6. 50D geng oh!!!! sui!!!

  7. wah... Canon 50D! That's good! I thought you like to have a D300?!

  8. Bro William - ya Nikon D300 is a great camera. It's not an easy decision, xD.

  9. Well bro, what happened was : you took some photos OF it WITH it.
    Ponder over it carefully - I mean the successor to your Nikon D60.

  10. Oh my.
    Another want to be Canon kaki! 0.0
    Please stay with Nikon ..haha.
    Just Joking.
    Choose whichever you'd suit with.
    Happy purchasing!

  11. Thanks for dropping by, MalcolmW. You and I know very well the cam is just a gear, right? xD

  12. It's a shooting machine as far as I know.
    haha.Just Joking.