Thursday, February 12, 2009

a short trip to brunei

This morning my sis-in-law asked me to help her to select a new handphone. Slide, she said. I'm looking at slide phones. I just need it to call, and sms only - no need GPS or wi-fi functions ...

(Last night I drove to Bandar Seri Begawan for a short trip - just one of my regular visits.)

So after breakfast we went to Incomm. There were not many customers in the shop when we arrived. Good for us - we could relax while browsing, xD.

2009.02.09 018aa

Hmm...the choices were overwhelming and confusing. I wonder what my s-i-l was thinking? Do you agree men are better in choosing gadgets like women are better in multi-tasking? xD

2009.02.09 023aa

Trying out the feel of the phone. Was there a 'feel good' feeling? Too light, too heavy, keypad too small?

2009.02.09 014aa

Fortunately one of our mutual friends working there helped. After finding out what the customer's needs were, the Nokia 3600 was recommended and accepted! All smiles, I think my s-i-l loves the rich maroon colour too! In addition she bought two extra phones for her company.

2009.02.09 024aa

How many working phones do you have? I know many people own at least two phones (the very addictive Blackberry is a must-have!). Do you fancy parting with your hard-earned your money on the latest I-phone or Blackberry or are you a cheapscape like me ... just any phone will do?


  1. I don't really like using so many phones though some of my friends are using 2 phones each now.
    I prefer using a simpler phone rather than I-phone or Blackberry. I think they are a little too good for me. Lol!

  2. Ya Lyn, my two sons think so too and they share the same view. To them, a good laptop is more important! Diff ppl in diff age-groups have diff needs, xD.

  3. Yo James,
    Talking about phones, i have so many including treo 650, blackberry 8707v, nokia n9500 communicator, nokia n93, O2 mini and samsung e360. most are outdated and nothing to shout about though. love those with qwerty keys bcos easy to sms.
    thinking to get rid of all except bb 8707v and then get the nokia e71 or samsung omnia.
    btw, i carry only 2 around as only 2 lines (celcom & maxis). how is digi?

  4. Hi Leonard - so many models you've owned! I think many ppl have spent a small fortune on gadgets because consumers are "forced" to upgrade to keep up with the wired and wireless world! Digi is okay - have been their faithful subscriber for many years now.

  5. Totally agree with your opinion, James. Each of us have our own liking and needs.
    I carry only one in my bag and it work wonders for me.