Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roland Lim, the "king" of Canon

Thanks to my church member William who MSNed me this morning some info on the Canon EOS 50D, I got to discover a really formidable blog by a medical doctor in Hong Kong who has a great passion for photography. I also want to proclaim him to be the "king of Canon photography-related matters"!

At The World According To Roland you can find answers from questions like "what Canon camera to buy or the new BG-E2N grip vs the old BG-E2 grip ". I was bewildered by the number of visitors the blog has; more than 630,000 hits since June 19, 2007! Surely this is testament how popular Roland is! The most accessed post was of course my favourite - Canon EOS 50D Review! xD

Here is a screenshot of Roland's blog. If you are a Canon lover, this is the right place to visit!

Roland's style of writing and explanation make photography complexities easy to understand, especially for newbies like me. He also has an excellent collection of photos taken over the years. I particularly enjoyed viewing his Kelly Chen's concert photos taken last year.

One of the sections I enjoyed reading was the questions he received and the replies given to all sorts of "A-Z " questions. I think the engineers at Canon EOS Digital would be proud of him! I also observed he has a humble demeanor and was patient with repeated questions/issues. Surely this is not the typical Hongkonger we know? Haha!

Thank you Roland for sharing your passion with us! And after browsing his blog for quite some time, I still couldn't find a pic of how he looks like! Isn't that interesting? xD


  1. Thanks James! I am glad you have found my blog helpful, but you are too kind with your words.

    By the way, would be grateful if you could correct the typos for my name in this post. Many people get it wrong, so I am used to it. But my name is Roland, not Ronald ;)

  2. nice blog. wat dslr are u gna buy next? check out my blog. all pics are from handphone 2mp camera.

  3. hey nice blog. check out mine at pics are taken with a normal 2mp mobile phone camera. saving up cash to get a 1000d. :D

  4. Hi James,

    It's Roland not Ronald and I'm delighted you 'discovered' his blog from someone else other than having come from me, the one who (I won't claim responsibility but Roland would be happy to tell you) encouraged him to start a Wordpress blog.

    Life's interesting like that. You leave a little inspiration behind just enough to get people motivated and the rest of the journey will take off, sometimes in a big way. Roland's journey is one fine example: great review, great food and most of all, he's a great friend. He's not given enough credit for the work he's done but often get discredited for the work he hadn't done wrong!

  5. Hi Roland - it's a blessing to come across yr blog! And a thousand apologies for the typo error to yr name! My eyes must be 'dazzled' last night from reading yr blog too much, haha!

    You'd be glad I also discovered a gem in my neighbouring country just last week. Jan Shim is one awesome photographer! xD

  6. Daniel - hi and thanks for dropping by. You have an interesting blog too (and hairstyle?, haha)

    My next cam will be Canon EOS 50D of course!

    See ya around! xD

  7. Jan, it was a great bonus for me to discover Roland's blog. The person who sent me the link didn't even know why I was thanking him this morning in church. Apparently he just googled 50D and forwarded the link to me without reading it.

    Roland is beyond Canon - one can sense that his focal point is to give ppl accurate information so that they can make informed choices based on their own personal decision. And Roland is not biased against other brands and I couldn't help but agree with him when he says the camera is just a gear - the person behind it makes the difference! You Jan are great too, unselfish in your sharing, thank and praise God! xD

  8. Wah... you are very brave ler... I didn't read and simply send ar!? I actually read it to the end and found that the entry by Roland was very good and also to let you know that your new expensive toy is going to bring you to new height in photography! Haha...
    Oh, any idea why Canon was never in my shopping list? It dated back to 1971. Canon was the first to "commercialize" camera by making the camera from plastic! I was using Nikon, Yashica, Rollieflex, Mamiya, etc. I was actually selling them also. When I received order for a Canon, I found it was so light. I immediately concluded that it was a toy camera. Since then, I didn't touch it anymore. I felt that a camera must be solid and strong like a tank. That is why my camera is so heavy! The lens must be made from glass otherwise it is not good enough. Well, true or not, we can talk about it at coffee shop. This is so subjective. I think 50D is made from metal. You should enjoy it although I am still not a fan of Canon.

  9. Hey bro, thanks for dropping by! The reason I mentioned you "didn't read" was because you had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Roland Lim's name, haha! Or maybe you were distracted by something else when we chatted.

    You were talking about Canon in 1971? Aiyo, I was in Primary 4 then and there were no tv sets in Sarawak yet. But now is year 2009 - what can I say, bro, haha?!xD

    Thanks for the link again and encouragement bro! See ya soon! God bless you!

  10. oh, I see. I have one bad habit. I didn't remember names when you mention it cos it hasn't stuck in my head yet.

    I am debating whether I should start to use film again! Digital camera costing RM6,000 is only as good as my film camera costing RM1000+. Well, forget it! Digital is so convenient and I think my digital is good enough. I went to ask whether there is anymore 120 film available. The answer is "no". Only 135 is still widely used. So, perhaps there is no point in looking at film.